Home Buying/Selling

Home Ownership Glossary

The ABCs of Home Ownership (A Glossary)

Here are some common terms relevant to home ownership.

A/C: An abbreviation for Air Conditioner, Air Conditioning, or Alternating Current.

Access Panel: An opening in the wall or ceiling near the fixture that allows access for servicing the plumbing/electrical system.

Approach: The area between the sidewalk and the street that leads […]

Ten Tips for Sellers

Ten Tips to Speed Up Your Home Inspection

Sellers can speed their home inspection by following these suggestions. The inspection will go smoother, with fewer concerns to delay closing.

Confirm that water, electric and gas service are on, with gas pilot lights burning.
Ensure pets won’t hinder the inspection. Ideally, they should be removed from premises or […]

Sellers: Hot Spots

Timely Home Repairs & Buyer Hot Spots

Nearly all buyers will hire a professional home inspector to take a close look at their new home before closing. In some cases home inspections are even done before the home goes under contract.

Home inspections cover numerous systems within the house, but there are a handful of hot-spots […]

Preparing Your Home to Sell

Many buyers peruse neighborhoods looking at listed properties from the outside before inquiring with the listing agent to show them the inside. A first impression is hard to shake and if the prospective buyer doesn’t like the house from the outside, they probably won’t inquire at all. To get them past the front door, […]

Home Selling Checklist

Start With a Plan

Preparing your home for sale need not be expensive or painful. If you start with a plan, you can organize what needs to be done, and figure out how much time and money you will need to get the job done.

Your plan should be built with advice from your real estate […]

Home Sellers

On Pre-listing Inspections

Having your home inspected before you list is the recommendation found in the new edition of the book, Sell Your Home For More by Nick Gromicko.
Eventually your buyers are going to conduct an inspection. You may as well know what they are going to find by getting there first. In most cases, […]

Selecting a Home Inspector

A realistic approach to purchasing your home and selecting your home inspector.

Owning your own home, instead of renting, is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make, as long as you go into it with both eyes open and be sure you are not overpaying for what you are getting.Shop around for the […]

Household Hazards

Here are some common, and not-so-common issues you might want to look for (and avoid) in your next home.

Algae: Microorganisms that may grow to colonies in damp environments, including certain rooftops. They can discolor shingles. Often described as “fungus.”
Alligatoring: A condition of paint or aged asphalt brought about by the loss of volatile oils […]

Building a Home

Source: HUD



If you want to build a new home, there are a number of things you need to know before you begin. HUD, the Housing and Urban Development Authority, is an excellent resource for homeowners to learn about property rights and other legal matters.

MPS Supplementing Model Building Codes

The Minimum Property Standards (MPS) establish certain minimum standards […]

Alternative Buildings

Alternative Home Designs

Geodesic domes are perhaps the most well-known of the alternative home designs. Developed in the 1940s by Buckminster Fuller, these domes became a favorite of the counter-culture during the 1960s. The almost spherical shape keeps materials at a minimum, reducing costs while maximizing space, and also serves to make them extremely sturdy. […]